Home made toys

I love making (quick) toys from bits and bobs that I already have a home and it turns out these are some of Lexi’s favourite toys! Perfect!

Scarfs, sensory bottles,  wooden spoons,  cake tins,  plastic pots, hairbrush,  ribbon boxes,  water and emergency blankets have all become essential toys.

I spent 5 minutes running around the house collecting bits that I have used as ‘toys’ and here is what I found:

2015-12-18 16.21.45.jpg

What do these have to do with speech and language?!?! Language is learnt through play therefore the development of play even at this early age is important. Skills such as cause and effect (if I do this…this toy makes a noise/flashes/moves), taking turns with someone else, gradually increasing the time playing with each toy and listening to different noises are all part of communication development.

One of my fondest memories of watching  Lexi in the early days is when she reached out and pushed a monkey to make it swing. Before then it was always an accident but she learnt through cause and effect that she could make it happen on her own – and she did!

She has been building on this ever since and is now a mini scientist constantly testing and pushing different things to see what they will do. This is why objects that look and feel different are so good to explore at this age.

Allowing her to have the independence to do this has been really important.  I could have easily kept on pushing that monkey for her because I knew she enjoyed it but I stepped back and gave her the time and space she needed to encourage her to have a go herself.

Have you got any common house hold objects you have found your little one loves?


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