Tune in to your babies communication

Although they are unable to say words babies have an awful lot to say and sometimes crying is their last resort. I remember reading lists of all the hunger cues/cry types babies may do and I desperately tried to work each cry out.

A handy list of common communication attempts from babies are listed here:

If you feel particularly interested in really listening to the sounds your baby makes as they cry this blog explains which consonants/vowels to listen out for to pin point what your baby is trying to say

I found this website really helpful to know which common early signs of hunger to respond to when breast feeding Lexi.

A study once found that as long as you interpret your babies communication only 30% of the time correctly then your doing a good job and your baby will form a good attachment to you. Thank goodness for that!

Learning what Lexi wanted came with time but here is a clip of early feeding cues Lexi did to give you an idea – she opens and closes her mouth to request a feed.
You may recognise this or your baby may do something different.

<img title=”wp-1450429791355″ class=”alignnone

Other things Lexi used to do was bob her head around or suck on anything near her! She also used to throw herself down into a horizontal position in who ever’s arms she was in. Unfortunately I did not catch any of these cues on video as I was busy attending to her needs…. maybe I’ll try and catch it with our next child (If we are lucky enough to have another child!). Now she is older she just plants her face in my chest!

In some ways interpreting Lexi has become easier with age as we become more in tune with one another. However as the list of potential things that could upset her grows …(teething/separation anxiety) …. I realise that she is always one step ahead of me and it will always be a guessing game to some degree!! There are still times when I have absolutely no clue and I just try anything and everything!

In the early days ipf you’re still stuck check out this quiz you can do to work out what your little one might be trying to say.



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