Talk out loud

Even as a speech and language therapist there are times of the day when  I have to remind myself to talk out loud to Lexi. When Lexi was first born I used to concentrate so much on what I was doing in day to day activities such as changing her nappy or giving her a bath (trying hard not to end up in a mess or drown her!) that in my state of concentration I forgot all about communicating with her!
It took some time to really get into the swing of talking to her as a baby (when  I didn’t get anything back from her) but now I nitter natter away at her so much that tonight while out shopping on my own I found myself talking to myself out loud! Embarrassing!
I got into talking out loud by simply pretending Lexi couldn’t see what I was doing and I told her. I started when I was changing her nappy or getting her dressed. ‘Arm in’ ‘tights off’. It’s the only way I could concentrate on what I was doing and talk at the same time.

Now I’m  more comfortable in what I’m doing I can expand and put myself in Lexi’s shoes and provide her with the language she can’t yet use. ‘Oo it’s gone dark! (when the top is over her head)
Keep it simple:



3 thoughts on “Talk out loud

  1. Lovely videos. I’m an adult speech therapist with a one year old. Sometimes I think I’m going mad basically talking to myself! I love how much they learn from us and start to do things to get a reaction. My little one had recently started doing a surprised expression, copying me and his dad. I hadn’t realised we did it so much until he started doing it!
    We also do some signing that receptively he grasped ages ago but now he’s starting to use some consistent signs himself. Still not talking though!

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    1. Hehe its so funny when that happens! It makes you reflect a lot on what you do! I’ve been signing too although I don’t think lexi has understood them yet. How exciting that your little boy is signing back now!


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